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Every donation counts!

What happened to the swings?

The city accepted the Swing Park as a donation on January 9th, 2013. Unfortunately, theses were not cared for and fell into a state of disrepair.  The City began removing these one at a time. Ultimately, the swings were not designed for the heavy use that they received and safety became a concern. By early October 4th, there were only 2 swings remaining. A decision was made by beintween’s bored of directors to remove the remaing two swings which were also in critical condition.  Minor repairs were made to preserve the large bench swing and was left in place; only this, and a bent trapeze remain in the park. 

With the help of your donations we can have the swings back by the spring. Were looking to raise $5,000 by Thanksgving. Make it a yesvember! 

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http://saveourswings.org/index.html SOS! Save Our Swings! If any of you live in the Milwaukee area you probably have noticed that the swings under the Holton Bridge have been taken down due to damage. The swings were put up last year in September as a donation from the local organization, beintween founded by Keith Hayes. beintween’s mission is improv(is)ing spaces to build community in Milwaukee. Swing Park instantly became a huge hit on the eastside! What was once just an empty lot under a bridge was transformed into a playful sp/ace (space + place). Lets save our swings, every donation counts! 

Please visit our site to learn more about swing park and the people who have contributed to this effort. http://www.saveourswings.org/index.html 

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